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We are absolutely confident that our project will be in the top ten of the most important, and perhaps the most important in the all kinds of lists of what change our world for the better. Please, enjoy viewing these 32 photos and return to us. Let us work together to make a big deal for the Saving of people from complete disappearance...



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Your Lifetime helper in Natural Keratin Fibers filling. White - for storage in a domestic refrigerator.

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Following years of non-stop research, experiments, and futurological breakthroughs, General DNA™, Inc., USA now the first in the world to offer every sensible person a simple system for preserving their human genome to allow endless rebirths in the future. The system is based on self-collection, special stabilization, and further secure storage of the human natural keratin fibers (such as hair and fingernails). As backed by scientific proof throughout 2007 to 2014, the system is guaranteed to preserve the non-degraded human DNA for as long as 50,000+ years, depending on the chosen final storage technology.

icon Better not touch DNA

15 years of the General DNA, Inc., USA System Research and research of a private scientists - have finally shown that DNA is better not touch! DNA - Do not highlight! DNA - Do Not filter out! etc. Why? It is simple - no one in reality do not know how it could eventually influence your DNA ... or parts of it ... So ... We designed a project for ourselves and our loved ones, for you, for each - no blood , no cell, no cryogen or epoxy resin, or filtering, nor any other means ... Keeping your DNA as the main part of the your full MASTER-CODE™ in deadlines in thousands or in tens of thousands years - can only be in the stabilized Natural keratin fibers! In the article THE TIME HAS COME © in™ paid part - you can see the contents of the first picture in the world of our complete NAILSCOLLECTOR™. Humanity has long been suggested that all genius is simple. But what is so simple - we learned only on 10 year of Research - before having tried absolutely everything.

icon$12pa Happy DNA

As for ourselves, we are happy to go with the unified public repositories, where storing our sealed MASTER-CODE™ capsules will cost no more than US $12 per annum.The General DNA™, Inc., USA project is created to be the same for the US President, the Smiths in South Dakota, the Petrovs in Saint Petersburg, and a poor homeless man in Nigeria. The thing is, our futurologist research suggests that the future will erase any difference between them! Each person will get a chance to be a superhero or a space colonist on board our CODESHIPS™, representing the entirety of humanity with their DNA.

iconDNA Future mystery

The future is always a mystery! But science always attempts to foresee it. Over the centuries and millennia our DNA has not been becoming any better. Instead, it has been gathering all sorts of errors and other rubbish, and unless we switch from the straight-line, one-time life to reciprocating life, we are doomed to become extinct! This cannot be allowed, for it might be that we have a mission that has not yet fully revealed itself to us. This mission may be about our Planet Earth, which only many-times people are capable of turning into paradise, or it may be about space exploration.

iconTime as DNA Friend

The projects of the General DNA™, Inc., USA is here to turn TIME from our bitterest enemy into our friend. Reciprocating life can ensure our self-sapienization, based on the letters and textbooks we wrote for our future selves during our past lives. This will allow many of us to carry on with our projects from life to life.Greed, just like wars and crime, may disappear within our lifespan, thanks to the effort of those who agreed to be many-times people. For the right to rebirth will require not only your future relatives wish or your legal instructions, but also permission from any future civic society, which may deny this right to many criminals, autocrats, tyrants and even plagiarists and company bosses who built their careers by stealing ideas from their staff. Thanks to HUMANITYBOOK.COM™, the Book of the Living, and GENERALSHRINE.COM™, the Book of the Dead, the future will be able to give its dues to everyone.

Very soon - to die forever will be only criminals of all stripes! Everyone who lived honestly - would return to this world forever! © I.Barbe "Barbe Manifesto"